Undergraduate Research Assistants

Are you interested in joining the research team? We currently are looking for undergraduate RAs who can start in Spring or Fall 2015. We are especially interested in freshman and sophomores, but all are welcome to apply. If you are interested in joining the lab, please review our ongoing research and publications to see if our affective neuroscience research is a good fit with your interests. We seek motivated undergraduates who can make the following commitments:

• Attend weekly lab meetings if you are able. Times change each semester – check with Dr. Larson
• Commit to at least 1 year in the lab, at least 9-10 hours per week
• Respond to e-mails within 24 hours
• Show up on time and prepared for your shifts.
• If your participant does not show up for your data collection shift see if there is anything else you can do (e.g., clean the lab).
• Communicate in a timely and professional manner with all lab personnel.
• Maintain confidentiality of participant data
• Your performance will be evaluated each semester. Your first semester in the laboratory is probationary.

For talented and dedicated students there are many opportunities to advance in the lab, take on higher level responsibility, and potentially to present lab work at professional meetings. We will evaluate these opportunities with you along the way.

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