Info for PhD Applicants

Are you accepting students into your lab for the 2018-19 academic year?

Yes, the Affective Neuroscience Lab is recruiting a new student for Fall 2018. Be sure to review the ongoing areas of research in the lab to see if you are a good match. Please explain why you think you are a good match for our lab in your research statement. Good luck!

What are you looking for in a graduate student?

Our lab is dedicated to developing affective neuroscientists who wish to pursue a career in science. Ideally, applicants would have a strong interest in one of my main areas of research. Students in the lab work in one of these areas and contribute to ongoing projects in the lab. All students also develop their own independent lines of research to build their identities as a scientist. Applicants with a less obvious match of interests may certainly apply – I am open to new ideas – however, it must be clear to me that as your advisor I could truly train you in your desired area of research.

How can I apply?

Forms for applying to the UWM Graduate School and the Psychology PhD programs can be found here.